A few more reasons to choose the CONTI SYNCHROFORCE® CXP

  • Available in profiles 5mm, 8mm,
    and 14mm (HTD or STPD)
  • Dual-Sided Available
  • Electrically conductive according
    to ISO 9563
  • Remains stable from -4ºF to 212ºF
    (-20ºC to +100ºC)

Thanks to its high resistance to wear, the CONTI SYNCHROFORCE® CXP Industrial Synchronous Belt is ideal whenever large power output, high torque, or high speeds have to be reliably transmitted for extended periods of time. The multitude of sections, with a total of three pitches, covers a wide performance range and makes for maximum cost-efficiency in a design as compact as requirements allow.

ContiTech Industrial Synchronous Belts are available in the NAFTA market exclusively from CRP Industrial. For details or samples, call CRP headquarters at 800-526-4066 or email