Continental CONTITECH

A few more reasons to choose

  • Available in both 8mm and 14mm
    tooth profiles
  • Drop-in compatibility with PCGT2 and RPP® sprockets!
  • Allows reverse flexing in
    multi-pulley drives
  • Perfect alternative to chain drives
  • Remains stable from -40ºF to 212ºF
    (-20ºC to +100ºC)
  • Oils, UV, and ozone resistant

With its CTD profile, original design, and high performance polyurethane materials the CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® was developed for extreme applications where large power output, high torque, and high speed have to be reliably transmitted. CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® is ideal for use in all heavy duty industrial drive applications.

ContiTech Industrial Synchronous Belts are available in the NAFTA market exclusively from CRP Industrial. For details or samples, call CRP headquarters at 800-526-4066 or email